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FIXIT Tool - Large Size
Screwdriver - Spring Hook Tool for Larger Woodwinds (Saxophone, Bassoon, Lg Flutes)

The new FIXIT tool is the second generation of the popular Woodwind Multi-tool. This new tool includes many customer requested improvements which include a stronger tool blade, a knurled center section for better grip and an even stronger lanyard, plus a great new look.

It is still perfectly portable and beautifully practical. Tighten pivot screws, adjust pad heights and reseat wire springs - whenever you need to - wherever you are. This all-in-one tool has both a screw driver and a spring hook with protective covers on either end. It comes anodized in one of four beautiful colors (Red, Blue, Purple, Black). A lanyard on one end allows this tool to be attached to any number of locations: a loop on a bag, your instrument case handle, your keychain, anything that you can loop it around.

This tool is the same as the Small FIXIT tool only larger.

Length: 3.90 inches (98.6 mm) + Lanyard
Diameter: 0.28 inches (7 mm)
Tool Blade Length: 0.93 inches (23.7 mm)
Tool Tip Width: 0.079 inches (2.0 mm)

Designed by a musician for musicians.

Never get caught with your instrument out of adjustment. Makes a great gift!
FIXIT tool - Lg Red
Part#: wwmt-rd4
Price $9.95

Status: In Stock
Ships in: 1-2 days
FIXIT tool - Lg Blue
Part#: wwmt-bl4
Price $9.95

Status: In Stock
Ships in: 1-2 days
FIXIT tool - Lg Purple
Part#: wwmt-pu4
Price $9.95

Status: In Stock
Ships in: 1-2 days
FIXIT tool - Lg Black
Part#: wwmt-bk4
Price $9.95

Status: In Stock
Ships in: 1-2 days